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Collect Quality Control Data the Mobile Way

The QC App streamlines the product inspection process and removes the messy paperwork. It makes inspection scores and reports available throughout your organization as soon as they are recorded, allowing buyers to follow up promptly with vendors to resolve issues.

Must have the Produce Pro Core ERP software to run the QC App.

Produce Pro Checkout App


Any product that needs to be inspected at receive time automatically appears on the main screen, with inspection status and priority color-coded for easy reading. The user can drill down for more details about any lot.


The inspection screen makes it simple to record QC values, based on questions that you configure by commodity within Produce Pro.

Set up automated reminders for future inspections based on predefined parameters once product has been on the shelf for a period of time.


You can use the mobile device’s camera to take pictures of product, then automatically attach them to lot records in Produce Pro.

PDF Report

You can generate and email a full report on demand, summarizing QC attributes, scores, product condition, lot information, and inspection photos. The report is automatically attached to the appropriate lot record within Produce Pro, so there’s always have a clear history of activity.