Case Studies

Armstrong Produce increases efficiencies while reducing costs through Produce Pro Software’s Warehouse Management System.

When CEO Chris Wisekal joined FreshPack Produce, he planned to grow the company by 20% per year. That goal proved too modest. “Last year, we had unprecedented sales growth,” he told us. “Huge numbers.”

Get Fresh Produce, Inc. shares how the use of Produce Pro Software continues to provide return on investment.

With Produce Pro WMS, warehouse supervisors gained more visibility into what their staff was doing and the remaining workload.

Utilizing Produce Pro helped gain visibility into picker productivity; knowing who was doing what task at any given time, when they finished, and how long it took them to complete the order.

Our turnover has dropped to almost zero. The ease of training new associates and the improved ratios have had a very positive, upward impact on selector take-home pay.

Most produce companies start off small. As their customer base, reputation, and grower relationships expand, so do their orders.