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“The biggest surprise was the scope of the WMS and how if affected so many different parts of the company positively.”

Les Watanabe, Assistant Director of Operations

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Welcome to the busiest produce company in paradise. It’s another hectic day at Armstrong Produce in Hawaii. Before it’s over, there will be over 600 orders to handle and every last pound has to be accounted for, including full traceability.

To make it even more challenging, shipments are coming in by air and boat from around the globe, and warehouses on three different islands need to reconcile it all. With this many variables in play, every second counts. The day and night crews need to keep the inventory moving and coordinated with dispatchers, drivers and customer service. But that’s life at Armstrong Produce, where every order is critical. And that’s why they rely on the Warehouse Management System (WMS) from Produce Pro Software.

Armstrong Produce needed a system that would:

  • Improve order picking productivity on all shifts
  • Minimize shipping errors
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce overlap between shifts
  • Streamline the order checking process
  • Ensure traceability down to the pallet and case level
  • Instantly access all lot information, including who a lot was sold to, if it was broken, who it was shipped to and when it was sold
  • Improve reconciliation

By using the WMS, Armstrong Produce has seen measurable differences, including:

Efficiency improvements

  • 38% increase in day shift order selection
  • 41% increase in night shift order selection
  • 19% increase in operational efficiency

Order selection savings

  • $137,592 each year

Paperwork savings

  • $3,120 per year in paper and toner

Reduction in errors

  • 75% fewer errors


  • Within 3 years the WMS had already paid for itself

Learn more how Armstrong Produce increased efficiencies while reducing costs with Produce Pro’s Warehouse Management System.