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Peirone Produce Co.

“Produce Pro has whatever you want when you want it. Produce Pro is such a user friendly system from inputting data to retrieving data, that we save time every time we use the system.”

Dale Arneson, General Manager

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Spokane, WA

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77,000 square feet


Produce Pro, WMS


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Produce Pro supervisors gained visibility into picker productivity. They knew who was doing what task at any given time, when they finished, and how long it took them to complete the order. Supervisors now have the information they need to evaluate their picker’s productivity. They spend less time finding information and more time using that information to manage work flow and streamline operations.


  • Smooth Implementation- Every user from the sales department to the warehouse floor knew how to navigate Produce Pro and make the system work for their specific job within a week of going live with Produce Pro.
  • Documents in System- All outside customer documents such as customer excel pricing files, were merged into the system, so all users had access to customer specific data with out the need to open other documentation.
  • Using Productivity Analysis- Productivity features allowed supervisors to see each picker’s time per order and over a period of time.  Supervisors compared multiple pickers’ productivity throughout their warehouse to see the top and bottom performers and also to see where improvements can be made.
  • Build in Analytics- Produce Pro allows Peirone to have automated reports printed out every morning.  Management can easily run profitability reports to analyze their business on a micro or macro level.


  • Traceability Requirements– Tracking freight from point of purchase to the supplier through the use of paperwork slowed down operations and became hard to maintain and use to trace product easily.
  • Picker Proficiency– Management had no previous way to calculate picker proficiency.
  • Shipment verification – Their previous system had no way to insure right product was shipped on time to the correct customer.
  • Profitability analysis– Peirone needed a quick and easy way to view and analyze the company’s profitability.
  • Sales Analyses– Management wanted a way to easily analyzes and review sales numbers on a daily basis.
  • Growth– As orders increased their previous system had a hard time keeping up.


  • Peirone chose Produce Pro Software over competing software solutions.
  • Traceability– Produce Pro has been tracking and tracing for over 20 years.  Produce Pro tracks one stop back one step forward.
  • Within Produce every order can be viewed with the connection of who it was sent to, to guarantee the correct product was shipped to the customer.
  • Picker productivity– Solved through Produce Pro printing barcodes on every pick ticket to and a barcode scanning station for pickers to scan tickets to track the start and stop times.
  • Automated Reports– Produce Pro allows automated reports to be printed off at designated times so the document is waiting  at the printer to view and/or post, no need to manually construct or run the report.