Case Study
Testa Produce, Inc.

“In order for us to take our business to the next level we needed a software system that could handle our industry’s needs. Produce Pro has done just that”

Testa Produce

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Chicago, IL

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Document Imaging, E-commerce


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Food Service

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Most produce companies start off small. As their customer base, reputation, and grower relationships expand, so do their orders. Testa Produce did just that. With adding Produce Pro Plus; Produce Pro Document Imaging and E-commerce they continued to provide value to their customers.


  • E-commerce reduces the amount of phoned in orders.
  • Document Imaging eliminates the need to file document hard copies.
  • Testa to fax, email, or print documents from their Produce Pro system.
  • Testa’s customers can view, print, or email their invoices.
  • Market notifications can be easily sent to customers through the customer correspondence feature


  • Find a software company that can adapt to industry changes and change as needed.
  • Provide a way to help customers order faster and more efficiently.
  • Reduce the amount of customer service representatives needed as orders grow.
  • Manage the paper flow efficiently in a manner that keeps it organized and reduces file cabinet space.
  • Keep customers educated on the current market conditions for the items they buy.
  • Have a way to contact customers quickly when a recall happens.


  • Went Live on Produce Pro in June 2003.
  • Added Produce Pro Plus E-commerce to their system in 2005.
  • Added Produce Pro Plus Document Imaging in 2005.