Produce Pro Announces New Customer: RS Hanline

July 14, 2014

Woodridge, IL (July 2014) – Produce Pro Software was selected to be the ERP Software and Warehouse Management Solution for RS Hanline. RS Hanline will be implementing Produce Pro in their 220,000 sq foot repacking, fresh-cut/processing, and distribution center in Shelby, Ohio in late 2014. The RS Hanline team of 7 skilled employees visited Produce Pro’s Woodridge headquarters for a 3 day orientation.

“The orientation is the first step in a successful software implementation. Discussions and decisions tailor how each customer’s Produce Pro system will be configured to best fit their business needs.” Len Moskowitz, Implementation Manager.

“The professionals at Produce Pro make every effort to tailor the installation around how you do business. If there was something we hoped the software could accomplish, if the answer wasn’t ‘yes’, it was, ‘We can find a way to do that.’ The answer was never, ‘No, we can’t’.” Paul Blubaugh CFO, Controller RS Hanline.

“We needed a produce software system that could handle real time inventory, RF scanning, cost tracking, traceability, and price list variances in one user friendly system. We talked to other Produce Pro customers and asked around and Produce Pro was the best fit for us.” Colleen Snyder, RS Hanline Cost Accountant.

RS Hanline employees and the Produce Pro implementation team met in Woodridge, west suburb of Chicago, to plan and analyze the best way to implement Produce Pro into RS Hanline’s business

“Our goal is to provide an all inclusive software solution for our customers to take full advantage of from Inventory management to mobile applications and EDI integration,” said Tony Zuccato, VP of Operations of Produce Pro. “Produce Pro allows our customers to streamline their operations by eliminating duplicate work and manual processes to focus on the total customerexperience.”

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