Testa’s Growing Business Encourages Online Ordering

May 5, 2011

Testa’s Growing Business Promotes Online Ordering

Most produce companies start off small. As their customer base, reputation, and grower relationships expand, so do their orders.  Testa Produce did just that.  Originated in 1912, Testa started off with a horse and buggy and grew into a 60+ truck fleet and a state-of-the-art, LEED® Platinum (Pending) warehouse facility, where quality and customers always come first.

“In order for us to take our business to the next level we needed a software system that could handle our industry’s needs.  Produce Pro has done just that,” stated Testa Produce CFO, Len Moskowitz.  Testa Produce went live with Produce Pro in 2003.

“Produce Pro has the adaptability to grow as the company grows. Our system helps companies mainstream their operations with industry expert consulting and implement a customized system to increase productivity and aid in company expansion,” states Dave Donat, Produce Pro President.

With a rapidly expanding business and running operations out of a 40,000 square foot facility, Testa needed more room.  In 2009, preliminary construction began for a new state-of-the-art Green Facility.  In May 2011, Testa moved into their 100,000 square foot home.  “Our new facility will seek the top environmental designation to date – LEED® Platinum Certification – which is pending – and includes a 238 foot wind turbine to co-generate energy, a grey water system with internal cisterns storage for non-potable uses, hot water solar panels, PV solar panels, an extensive green roof, rainwater harvesting, and daylight harvesting among other environmentally friendly features,” states Peter Testa, President of Testa Produce.   “Testa has made significant changes and additions to their business practices, with Produce Pro integrating every step of the way.”

Several years ago, Testa implemented a major time-saving addition which included a move to utilize Produce Pro’s online ordering solution. With Produce Pro Software’s E-commerce solution, customers can enter their orders at their convenience through the use of the internet.  “Produce Pro’s E-commerce solution gives us peace-of-mind knowing our customers can place an order, check an order, or search our product catalog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our system will automatically reflect their order,” said Len Moskowitz.  “Customers can also get copies of signed delivery invoices without having to call us, which is a major time-saver for both parties.”

Testa Produce receives 600+ orders a day with 100 to 120 orders done through Produce Pro’s online ordering. With increasing orders, Testa uses Produce Pro’s E-commerce solution to eliminate some phone orders.  “Through Produce Pro’s E-commerce system, over 100 of our customers enter orders daily into our system.  When the order is placed online, the system instantly creates an open sales order in real time.  The E-commerce capabilities have saved us from needing to hire more people during peak times to take phone orders,” states Len from Testa.  “Our customers that do order online, use it as their preferred method of ordering.”

“We have been a customer of Testa Produce for many years.  Over that time we have become huge fans of their online ordering system.  The speed in which you can retrieve important information, pack size, pricing, and overall produce details is tremendous.  In this business time is one thing you do not have.  Having the ability to locate items as well as revert back to the market report when needed has given us a tool that is second to none.  Online ordering has been a new addition to most vendors these days but so far none compare to Testa’s Produce Pro System.  We will continue to support this new method in ordering,” said Randy Farber, Director of Food and Beverage for the Bolingbrook Golf Club.

41% of Produce Pro’s customers utilize E-commerce.  “We recently have had an increase in demand for our E-commerce solution.  Our customers hear from other Produce Pro customers about the benefits and features and quickly realize there is a strong and quick return on investment,” states Jim Roxton, Produce Pro’s Inside Sales Consultant.

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