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Produce Pro Options

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The Produce Pro system tracks the details of every product lot throughout its lifecycle, from purchase through processing through delivery. Our inquiry tools provide immediate access to real-time data at any level – your employees can see up-to-the-minute summaries of what is on hand, committed, expected, and available to sell. Reporting and documentation let you easily identify patterns that affect operational efficiency. For even greater control of your warehouse operations review our Warehouse Management Module.

We offer several solutions for specialized business requirements. These features can be added as needed to your main Produce Pro package.

Warehouse Management

The warehouse management system provides mobile applications for your operations team to standardize workflows and improve productivity. It creates visibility for inventory throughout your facilities and ensures orders are completed accurately.

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Mobile Apps

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The mobile app suite is designed to improve accuracy, eliminate communication delays, and get rid of paperwork. Our targeted apps are designed to support and streamline business-critical operations, including delivery, quality control, and food safety.

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Produce Pro mobile apps
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Our Business Intelligence solution extends the system’s tools to provide more interactive reporting and analysis. It incorporates a Web-based reporting and analysis tool, which generates dynamic charts, graphs, and reports on configurable executive dashboards.

E-commerce / Web Ordering

The e-commerce module provides an “online store,” where end customers can browse your catalog, view their own order profiles, and place orders via the Web. It runs fully on Produce Pro data and communicates automatically with the core system.

Plus, customers can place orders at their convenience, whenever and wherever, with our Checkout App.

Document Imaging

Document Imaging scans and stores copies of items like signed invoices and credit slips, which makes them accessible “on the fly” for verification or dispute resolution. The system automatically attaches them to the appropriate base records. When Imaging is integrated with E-commerce, customers can review proof of delivery as they review past orders.

EDI Support

Our managed service provides scalable EDI compliance without the inconvenience and expense of setting up your own EDI system. It handles setup, transmission, and monitoring of transactions, ensuring smooth communication between you and your trading partners.

Disaster Recovery

We offer clients a disaster recovery package that provides near real time server backup of all new transactions. Frequent backups mirror the data on your live server, maintaining a copy that runs only minutes behind. Should a machine problem occur, causing loss of data, this mirror copy provides quick recovery with minimal data loss — and very little "catching up" for your staff.

This add-on feature is invaluable insurance against extended downtime.

Other benefits:

  • Maintain a mirror at a different physical location, providing geographical separation from your production system.
  • Multiple mirrors can be defined, providing extra layers of protection.
  • Mirrors are configured to provide complete failover in cases of a destructive event or environmental problems.
  • A cloud solution is also offered providing the same near real-time offsite backup and disaster recovery.