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Go Paperless with Delivery Optimization

This delivery optimization tool tracks and communicates with drivers in real time throughout the trip. Turn-by-turn navigation and GPS tracking ensure clear visibility on where each truck is, at any time. Drivers can provide top-notch customer service with real-time task list updates, electronic signature capture, and the ability to email proof of delivery right away.


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Trip View

The driver can scroll through any trip manifest, in stop order, and view customer names and addresses. Turn-by-turn navigation makes extra stops easy to integrate.

Add a Stop

Driver tasks can be updated on the fly with new stops, pickups, or payment collection reminders, with no need for a phone call or a discussion. Updates made in Produce Pro are immediately transmitted to the app and added to the list.

Correct Delivery Quantities

During a delivery stop, the driver can confirm product quantities and make any necessary adjustments. With real-time updates in Produce Pro and automatic email notifications, the system can notify the home warehouse immediately.

Trip Status

The app captures a timestamp at each critical point, including arrival at each stop, docking at the door, and completing delivery. Customer service personnel have real-time visibility of each truck’s status and location.


To confirm delivery, customers sign directly on the device. The app transfers the signature to the invoice, which is immediately sent to the customer with accurate delivery quantities. It’s also stored in Produce Pro for easy reference.