Fully Integrated WMS solution

From receiving, packing, inventory counts, picking to shipping Produce Pro’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) is vital for increasing the efficiency of a company’s warehouse operations. Designed to support best practices and deliver complete traceability, this solution is flexible and scalable enough to serve an operation of any size, large or small. Staff will become more productive and efficient, which translates to better customer service.


Types of Solutions

We offer multiple solutions including pick by voice and pick by scan options.  You select the technology that best fits the requirements for each workflow.

Using mobile technology integrated with a warehouse management solution.
Forklift operator in a warehouse.
Worker stocking shelves in a warehouse.

Benefits of our WMS

Our comprehensive warehouse management system helps streamline multiple functions and meets the needs for all fresh operations.


WMS supports and protects accurate traceability throughout the lot’s lifecycle, no matter how it is transformed or where it is moved while in your possession.

Produce Pro is also fully compliant with the Produce Traceability Initiative: the system handles procedures necessary for every stage of PTI implementation, such as tracking and storing GTINs, implementing hybrid pallet tags, and barcode labeling and scanning.


Your staff will be prepared for inbound shipments; knowing exactly what is due to come in. They’ll verify products and quantities, record any discrepancies, and move the process smoothly into the putaway stage.

Data can be captured from truck inspections and pallet tags that store inbound GTIN information. Since everything is stored directly in the core Produce Pro system, you’ll have realtime visibility and full traceability on any lot from its very beginning.


From putting away inbound loads, to directing replenishment, the system can direct staff on what work is ready to be executed and where pallets are to be delivered.


The system can route your workers in the most efficient picking path to minimize their travel time and increase the speed of packages picked. Pickers verify they are selecting the correct lots and quantities. Assignments can also be specified to pick entire trucks, a single pallet or specific orders.


WMS ensures the accuracy and traceability of each repack or pack-out. Workers scan input lots onto each line and then scan finished goods into inventory or onto an order.


System controls help ensure each order is properly picked, palletized, and loaded onto the truck in stop order. This ensures all pallets get loaded and makes drop-off simpler for the drivers.

Return on Investment

Our WMS clients have seen numerous benefits, both short-term and extended:


Increased Productivity and Performance saves labor hours and helps meet tight delivery timelines.


Improved Order Accuracy results in fewer credits, inventory discrepancies, and short trucks.


Real Time Information supporting immediate communication and improved decision making throughout the company.


Control of Inventory and Increased Visibility provides real time slot and pallet level tracking; ensuring visibility of all products across single or multiple location operations.