Why Produce Pro Software?


Produce Pro understands the perishables industry with an All-in-One ERP system that is a proven, scalable, flexible, user-friendly, complete software solution providing timely and accurate data for effective decision-making and management analysis.

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We proudly serve all business types throughout the supply chain.

“In a nut-shell, our warehouse and office management can manage work flow with a precision and ease that takes us to the next level of efficiency and agility.”

Corey Dietz, Director of Operations

“Produce Pro has whatever you want when you want it. Produce Pro is such a user friendly system from inputting data to retrieving data, that we save time every time we use the system.”

Dale Arneson, General Manager

“Our turnover has dropped to almost zero.”

Dennis Michael, Director of Operations

“In order for us to take our business to the next level we needed a software system that could handle our industry’s needs. Produce Pro has done just that”

Testa Produce

“We were paid off after eight months of having Produce Pro. Sales are up 40%!”

Jim Hagen, C.O.O

“The biggest surprise was the scope of the WMS and how if affected so many different parts of the company positively.”

Les Watanabe, Assistant Director of Operations