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Freshpack Produce

“We were paid off after eight months of having Produce Pro. Sales are up 40%!”

Jim Hagen, C.O.O

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Denver, CO


Produce Pro, Document Imaging, E-commerce, Implementation, Return on Investment, WMS


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Foodservice, Retail

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When CEO Chris Wisekal joined FreshPack Produce, he planned to grow the company by 20% per year. That goal proved too modest. “Last year, we had unprecedented sales growth,” he told us. “Huge numbers.”

Wisekal succeeded by giving his talented staff a new set of tools from Produce Pro Software to reduce costs while boosting service. It paid off by making FreshPack the produce supplier customers prefer. And it gave his staff some surprises along the way.

“Produce Pro enabled us to handle retail, wholesale, food processors and food service. We are now serving big, multi-concept accounts and other national chains. We could not do that without Produce Pro. Our in-stock ratios are higher. The quality of product is better because we are turning it faster. We can enter orders more efficiently, which allows us to provide better customer service. The Produce Pro system is simply more robust. It gives you options to do business the way you and your customers want.”

FreshPack Produce is one of the largest organic natural shippers servicing retail and food service customers in the midwest currently servicing 16 states.