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Make Food Safety Audits a Breeze

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The Produce Pro Food Safety App gives you an easy, versatile way to track your food safety plan, ensure that no tasks are missed, and monitor corrective actions. Instead of carrying messy papers and clipboards, your staff can interact directly with the App in real time.

Organized Tasks

The App organizes and prioritizes tasks, according to when they must be completed. Users can either choose their tasks on the fly or respond to specific assignments.

Manager View

Managers and supervisors can use a special, streamlined interface to check status, identify missed tasks, and sign off on completed work.

Task Values

Procedures and tasks are defined in Produce Pro, and they can even include thresholds for acceptable data ranges. Workers key in confirmations and values as they complete each task. When a value – such as a temperature reading – doesn’t meet requirements, it triggers an automatic notification for corrective action and tracks the result.


The App can capture manager and user signatures, store them to a task or group of tasks, and print them on an audit report for accountability.

Audit Report

In the event of an audit, Produce Pro can generate and send a comprehensive report on demand.