Canadian Produce Company Grows with Produce Pro Software

October 5, 2021

WOODRIDGE, Ill., Oct. 5, 2021 – Family owned and operated since 1925, Canadian Fruit & Produce Company has played an important role in providing their community with the best quality products at exceptionally low prices; all year round. Based in Toronto, Canada, this distributor has a long-standing reputation serving this market for nearly 100 years. With business growing quickly, the need for better technology was inevitable. And, with a new processing plant and food safety initiatives a top priority, the choice was clear that a change in software was needed to keep progressing forward.

Choosing an ERP software is a huge decision for any company. Luckily Tammy Cunningham, I.T. & Special Projects Manager at Canadian Fruit & Produce Company, knew just who to call after seeing a Produce Pro Software demo several years back along with multiple recommendations throughout the industry.

“Produce Pro Software seemed incredibly flexible, and we knew that was exactly what we needed as our business has been growing quickly. It was important that we implement software the next generation could rely on and would adapt to Canadian Fruit’s needs as they move the company forward,” said Cunningham. “Hands down, the demo proved what we already suspected; flexibility, ease of use, efficient, reliable and consistent.”

So, with their software decision made, now it was time to get things implemented. But, no one could have ever guessed what obstacles would lie ahead.

Cunningham said, “The US and Canadian border closed less than 48 hours before the Produce Pro team was boarding a plane for our second training. With only three weeks until our go live date, the Produce Pro team worked with us as we were all forced to pause the project. As travel remained impossible, both teams doubled their commitment to successfully transition using 100% remote training and support, including a remote live week, so we could be on track for our 2021 season. It was an amazing experience given the highly irregular circumstances. As the project leader, I am personally grateful for everyone’s efforts.”

“Typically, implementation always take place in person, but under the circumstances and with so many limitations, our team adapted and shifted our approach, adding extra strategy meetings to ensure Canadian Fruit was well supported and prepared. This was the first ever completely remote live week in Produce Pro history, and we could not be prouder of both teams and their extra efforts to make this happen,” said Len Moskowitz, Senior Manager, Central Project Management, Produce Pro Software.

Cunningham added, “Implementation went much smoother than we anticipated. The Produce Pro staff were encouraging, enlightening, and gave us focus. Change is hard for most people and working within technology is a huge part of our day. Our entire staff stepped up and accepted the changes. Now, I often hear comments that the software makes things so much easier and better. They really understand how the technology can work for them and our company.”

Canadian Fruit has been running the Produce Pro system since February of this year. The pandemic only proved they made the right decision at the right time. The increased use of advanced technology has seen positive effects for the company, staff, and customers alike. With easier access to information and the ability to communicate information across departments, visibility into all aspects of their operation has never been better.

“We were looking for software that would adapt to our continued growth and could take care of our technology needs into the future. This was an easy choice, and I would not change a thing,” concluded Cunningham. “The Produce Pro team was incredibly helpful and supportive and still continues to be there for us. They are not just a software company, but our partner. This is just the beginning.”

About Canadian Fruit & Produce Company 

Canadian Fruit & Produce Co Ltd is a third-generation family owned and operated wholesale fruit and vegetable company for over 95 years. We are the leading importer of many types of melons, including our own Ontario grown watermelons and cantaloupes! Our melons ship all across Canada in mid to late summer, giving everyone a taste of the good things that grow right here in Ontario.

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About Produce Pro Software

Produce Pro Software is an all-in-one ERP software providing innovative business and technology solutions to fresh produce businesses and the perishables industry. Produce Pro supports many of the best run companies providing an end-to-end solution that includes sales order entry, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, routing and logistics, accounting, E-commerce, EDI, document imaging, analytics, and warehouse management. Proudly on the cutting edge of traceability, they provide their clients with the tools to meet the demands of their customers.

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